Extraordinary Garden Design

Extraordinary garden design may seem like a term that is far fetched to some, but luckily, these days, it is far easier for homeowners to achieve a garden of this acclaim than one might have thought. Take a look on Homify…

For those that absolutely love the idea of having a garden, but either a) do not have a green thumb or b) do not have the time to look after a garden, then a low maintenance solution is of course, the perfection option for you. Designed by Charlesworth Design, this space was put together for a growing family that enjoyed outdoor lawn sports.  You might think that this garden is so well designed it cannot possibly be easy to maintain, but the proof is in the pudding—plants like ferns, a parasol tree and smaller plants that are designed to become overgrown reign supreme, meaning this is an area that kids can enjoy frog spotting in the pond, or adults can feel Zen taking over when in sight.