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Country House Gardens

Charlesworth Design has designed and built characterful gardens on large country house/estates in Staffordshire, South Yorkshire, Lancashire and Cheshire.


Working closely with client (often over many years) employing a collaborative approach, ensures the most creative use of space is realised.

Ranch-style property with pleached cherry trees

Country House Garden Design

Simple formal lawn. The lawn in proportion with the ranch style house. The pleached cherry trees are beginning to screen the neighbouring property.

Country House Garden Design

A new planting of yew hedge beneath pleached cherries creates views up to the house

Classic plantings of English yew, hornbe

Classic plantings )left) of English yew, hornbeam, box – and very little else are used to create an avenue that leads off a formal garden terrace onto a paddock. Garden lighting is used along this tree lined avenue – the lights are set to wash over the gravel, and to travel up the stem of each tree.

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