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Front Gardens

Your front garden should be so much more than a car park.  Front gardens we have designed in Manchester and Cheshire welcome visitors, ‘set the scene’, and set off the house. They add value to the house and promote a feeling of wellbeing.


Practical, smart solutions in keeping with your house and lifestyle – each one as unique as you.


Here are a few examples of front garden designs in Manchester, Cheshire and surrounding areas - email details of your front garden

Reinforced grass (left) – a ‘green solution’ to front drives where occasional/overflow parking is required. The blocks are free draining and offer all the benefits of a good looking lawn with the practicalities of a drive. This one was seeded just 7 days ago and will eventually cover the concrete.

An octagonal garden design (above) features permeable, self compacting driveway, permeable blocks and grass reinforcement. The wisterias on the Wilmslow property are three storeys high imported from Italy.


The above design shows a sustainable solution with a ‘drive in and out’ and parking for seven cars. The design mixes graceful soft flowing line with clipped formality and vistas. 

front garden in Halebarns.jpg
front garden in Halebarns 3.jpg
front garden in Halebarns 2.jpg

This new front garden in Halebarns was inaccessible and dominated by a huge tree.

Re-cycled materials add a rustic feel and kept the material costs down.

simple, strong curves have been used to

The front door is the most important focal point of your house. However, the main entrance to this property was not obvious to visitors, so simple, strong curves have been used to compel visitors irresistibly to the front door.

simple, strong curves have been used to
Curved tarmac front drive.jpg

Dynamic flowing line has effectively broadened this long thin driveway. Passerby’s still visit to take pictures of this unusual installation which pleases my client.

Sweeping Curves

Sweeping curves and flowing line are the
curvaceous dry-stone walls constructed b

Sweeping curves and flowing line are the order of the day in this front garden. The eye is drawn gently down the drive to reveal the frontage of this Richard Harding Watt house. The landscaping is duly understated.

An uneven tarmac driveway has been re-graded – the gentle incline falls away from the road revealing curvaceous dry-stone walls constructed by salvaged stone found on site. Garden lighting  embedded within the wall makes a welcome approach to the house in the evening.

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