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Aspirational Garden with Dolphin Fountain

The above garden designed and built by Charlesworth Design for Brewin Dolphin Securities (Spinningfields Manchester) for the RHS Tatton Flower Show Knutsford featured a dolphin shaped fountain, which revealed a dolphin motif etched onto glass.  Sculpted turf dolphins attracted crowds of children.

The words ‘strong’, ‘solid’ and ‘dependable’ are conjured up in this aspirational garden  which exudes confident formality.  Minimalistic planting and materials give a strong sense of unity which is immediately softened by clouds of box balls in the distance.

The Perfecta flags from Marshalls are reminiscent of polished terrazzo, and the dolphin image is reflected in the pool.

An Extraordinary Little Garden

Pleached hornbeams – a ‘hedge on stilts’ creates a classic background for the garden and makes a successful link with the tall trees in the distance and some welcome shade for our guests.


Unusual bedfellows – clipped box balls and dolphins make this garden a little out of the ordinary.

Southern yellow pine from the Manchester Deck Company and palm trees (Trachycarpus fortunei) evocative of warmer climates, suggest wealth, aspiration and wellbeing.

Naturalistic Garden

RHS show in Tatton Park Knutsford

A show garden with year one students from my Garden Design course.

This garden ‘Pteridomania’ celebrated the fern.  A stylized unfurling frond is depicted in the green serpentine mosaics that form the stepping stones.

The garden featured pop-up sprinklers, a mist making machine which caused vapour to rise up from this pool.

Ligustrum parasols protect shade loving ferns from the sun and pick up the circular theme of the stepping stones.

Flower Shows

Charlesworth Design is honoured to accept design commissions from companies and individuals who wish to promote their businesses at the RHS Flower Show at Tatton Park.

Award-winning Commissions

Some recent award winning commissions include:

  • Breathing garden for allergy sufferers sponsored by Astra Zeneca

  • the PDSA

  • Brewin and Dolphin Securities.

Pop-up Sprinklers


Children enjoy the refreshing spray from the pop up sprinklers whilst, the BBC record the garden for Gardener’s World. Rachel de Thame is seen enjoying the coolness of the fern garden.

These powerful little jets - a magnet for children! - created an arch for them to run through.  Commissioned by AstraZeneca Alderley Park, the garden was part of a larger naturalistic garden for the RHS show in Tatton Park Knutsford.

The Living and Breathing Garden

The Living and Breathing garden – a low allergen garden for sufferers of asthma and hay fever.


A reflective garden needs a reflective pool. Circular decks float on the surface like lily pads – one of these carries a ribcage sculpture which framed the AZ logo.

In 2003, rusty steel and composite decking were groundbreaking innovations – the decking being seen for the very first time at Tatton.

Floating Decks Garden

The design concept: Soft smooth splinter free floating decks. The curvaceous steel wall adds a sense of enclosure to the seating area and adds tension and mystery to the rest of the garden.

A low allergen minimalistic planting scheme is used with plenty of contrasts in plant foliage texture, size and colour. Hostas and Rodgersia were appropriate choices for this situation.

A low allergen minimalistic planting scheme is used with plenty of contrasts in plant foliage texture, size and colour. Hostas and Rodgersia were appropriate choices for this situation.

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